VELENDO is one of the leading suppliers of plastic closure for water bottles and Carbonated Soft Drink bottles in the Northwest. Our closures feature innovative design, extreme precision engineering and unmatched sealing integrity and tamper evidence. Our caps are manufactured in an ISO-9001 plant and approved by Coca-Cola and Pepsi International.



  • Patented tab design provides the highest level of tamper evidence available.
  • High level of audio and visual cues for band breakage and separation from the closure
  • Provides consumer a sense of security that package safety has not been compromised
  • Preserves freshness and product life with both top and side seals
  • Sure-seal design to effectively seals all PCO28mm 1810
  • Provides consistent removal torques


Promotional and Image Appeal

  • Wide range of colors available to attract consumers
  • Marketing expertise to help you develop effective promotional programs
  • 3 Color printing capabilities for decorating or to create marketing opportunities with consumers
  • Helps you build sales and market share